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The Strategy Creator : An online strategy creation tool

An effective business strategy is critical to a small business. RLActive has developed an online tool called the Strategy Creator that uses a 3-Step guide to direct our clients through their strategy development process.

Step 1: Build

The Strategy Creator intuitively guides our clients to formulate a business strategy that addresses their specific goals. The Strategy Creator focuses upon the different aspects of their business and the alignment of their different functions to achieve this. 

Step 2: Execute

The Strategy Creator uses project management techniques to help our clients execute their objectives according to timelines and responsible persons. The responsibilities of each team member and the time frame in which objectives need to be completed are visible to all.

Step 3: Track

The Strategy Creator displays all of our clients’ objectives and their progress in real time on their dashboard which is accessible from any device.

SMME Mentoring

The Strategy Creator Tool highlights strengths and weaknesses in your business. RLActive offers additional services to accentuate the strengths and addresses the weaknesses.

RLActive recognises that each client is unique, therefore we offer customised support and advice in all of the key business functions such as Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources and IT.

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Business Plan Workshops

We run one day workshops for groups of 15 or less, to guide you through the process of how to develop a Business Plan, how to analyse and identify issues in each aspect of your business.

Once the gaps have been identified, we will show you how to develop an implementation plan and how to manage the implementation.