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We enjoy tackling problems, whether it be working out a digital transformation strategy or developing company strategy to upskilling your team in areas that tertiary institutions normally don’t.


Our services are tailored towards theses areas and we are proud of our track record in retail, manufacturing, financial services, education and the ICT industry.

Strategy Development

The Best Way To Fight Uncertainty, Is To Plan For It.

Strategy development is one of the most important elements to get right for an organisation aiming for success. It provides a focus point that aligns each decision you make in the execution of your plan.

We have developed or own Strategy Development Methodology – The Strategy Creator.

It comprises of 7 individual Steps to development an executable Strategy.


Digital Transformation

Technology as an enabler is difficult to understand let alone master and business leaders today are confronted with questions like:

What is the role of data in my organisation?

What is the Digital Economy and where do we fit in?

What is Digital Transformation and what does it really entail?

Are we ready and capable for Digital Transformation?

At RLActive we support business leaders in building their confidence to lead organisations Digital Migration astutely by providing the tools to do so. We have over 65-man years of experience in front-end customer behaviour and backend data management to assist you along this journey.

A 7-Step Process

Digital Transformation


Identify where you are on the digital maturity curve by benchmarking your business against your competitors.

Research your business sector to establish the benchmark required to lead your sector.


Define the external influences over which you have no control, like disruptive technologies and business models.


Establish the internal IT architecture. Is your data in the right format, in the right place at the right time?

What is your digital leadership capability and the business as a whole?


Map out and prioritise what steps need to be taken to improve the data flow through the business.


Determine the financial budgets, KPI’s and milestones for the implementation of the digital assets.


Select digital transformation projects teams across all departments, set goals, deliverables and times lines for implementation.


Project review and revisit architects is fit for purpose.

Digital transformation is a journey and requires continual improvement and adjustment.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

When we started RLActive, we focussed on one core goal: making Strategy easy for everyone.

Being in the corporate world for over 30 years, we learned that although strategy development is expected at the higher levels of the company. It invariably failed, at all levels, due to communication and culture issues…


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