Message from our Founder

When we started RLActive we focused on one core goal: making strategy easy for everyone.

Being in the corporate world for over 30 years, we learned that although strategy development is expected at the higher levels of the company. It invariably failed, at all levels, due to communication and culture issues.

As IT is our foundation, we found that business leaders didn’t understand all the jargon and the general direction in which the IT world is going – it’s been a 70-year progression from hardware to software to all about using your data for a competitive edge. All the jargon and terminology sometimes make us focus on the technology and not the people and the process. Combining all three to become more customer centric, more streamlined and profitable is a true digital transformational journey.

That’s why we expanded RLActive’s services where our clients’ needs are the priority. We don’t want you to worry about company strategy development or integrating your digital strategy into company strategy. You should be able to trust that we’ll be there to help you no matter what.

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