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To be a part of the economy today, entrepreneurs and business leaders need to understand and embrace innovation and technology.


During my career, the biggest obstacles I found was the lack of focus and the understanding of technology as an enabler. Thus, RLActive was formed to focus upon strategy development, execution and how to use technology to gain a competitive edge.

Strategic & Passionate

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders grow. We provide owners, managers and teams with he tools and expert guidance to create an effective strategy, whether it be in the business or digital realms.


Our unique Strategy Creator methodology helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to build, execute and track their own progress against their goals.

Loyalty & Value

We strive to create value, solve problems and walk the journey with you.


A Team Of Professionals

Richard Roberts

Principal Consultant

Starting my own business exposed me to the same challenges that business owners face. That there isn’t enough time, you need to be knowledgeable in everything and no one really wants to help. It all went well initially, until I hit a wall.

 It took me a while, but I went back to the basics and re-analysed my business and realised that there were many challenges that cropped up and I was too busy to address them properly.

I addressed the challenges and we started growing again and then we hit another wall, I applied the same methodology and those challenges were addressed.

 I have over 30 years of experience in managing complex businesses in South Africa, EMEA, North America and Asia-Pac. I started by studying Electrical Engineering and completed an MBA.

My career experience has enabled me to help either entrepreneurs or business leaders to address challenges in their business, either in business modelling, management challenges to undertaking a digital transformation journey. I have an innate ability to see through the distractions and identify the root of the problem. 

I love sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained through my travels and interactions with customers.


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