We know Big Business because we have worked there.

We understand Small Business because we own one.

In 2014 after a 30-year stint in the corporate sector I ventured into the world of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMME’s). Starting my own business made me see the many challenges that SMME’s face. One that stood out was the lack of guidance when it came to creating a strategy that fits the personal needs of an individual SMME.

And so RLActive was born.

RLActive is passionate about helping SMME’s to grow and develop. We provide owners, managers and teams the necessary tools and expert guidance to create an effective strategy.

RLActive assists SMME’s to create strategies that transform their business. Our unique Strategy Creator is a 3-step process that helps you to Build, Execute and Track your own tailor-made strategy in real time.

RLActive’s objectives are to create value, solve problems and always stay connected to our clients.

A word from our Principal Consultant

I have spent the last 30 years helping large corporates engender new, transformative possibilities for a better world. Through my work and research, I have developed a comprehensive strategic planning approach, called the STRATEGY CREATOR which is geared towards helping SMME’s create strategic plans in hours not days.

Prior to launching RLActive in 2018, I cofounded a SaaS company which specialised in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Prior to this cofounding, I was the COO for BT Global Services in Middle East and Africa. I also was part of a small team which designed and built Dimension Data’s Global Services Portfolio and Global Support Centres.

I have a Master’s in Business Administration from Henley Business School (UK). I also serve on numerous small business forums as an advisor.