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RLActive is a Business Management Consulting firm that SMME’s turn to when they are faced with the challenges of the changing business landscape.

When the same business rules no longer apply, when business growth slows down, when teams are not functioning at the highest levels, or when the complexity of overcoming the challenges becomes overwhelming, RLActive’s 3-step Strategy Creator process provides the solution.

RLActive believes that SMME’s are the growth engine of the economy. We can empower you to unlock the potential of your organisation through the services that we offer.

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Introducing our online strategy creation tool

“Strategy Planning has never been so effortless…”

SMME strategic planning done in less than a day.

Using our online Strategy Creator tool allows you to create your own unique strategic plan for your business or departments in hours and not days.

Our 3-step process consists of:

  1. Building your own unique plan
  2. Executing your plan
  3. Tracking your progress in real time

Step 1: Build

Creating a strategic plan in the cloud

Imagine building your strategic plan anywhere and from any device. You don’t need any strategy formulation knowledge or skills. The Strategy Creator seamlessly guides you through an intuitive process to build a strategy plan tailored for your needs.

Show me how I can BUILD my own unique business strategy!

Step 2: Execute

You know what to do and when it should be complete

Strategy execution becomes a part of your daily operation. The Strategy Creator gives you the ability to conduct the implementation of your plan using benchmarked project management features.

Show me how I can EXECUTE my own unique business strategy!

Step 3: Track

Seamlessly track the progress of your plan on your dashboard

The Strategy Creator dashboard allows you to view all of your objectives in one place. This makes it easy to track your progress in real time.

Show me how I can TRACK my own unique business strategy!

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