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Digital Transformation

Do you see data as an asset in your Organisation?

We define digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

Understanding what digital means to your company, whether you are a manufacturing, agricultural, pharmaceutical, or retail company, is essential. Digital transformation can and should be focused on problems of greatest need to your organisation.

Here at RLActive, we support Business Leaders in building their confidence to lead their organisations Digital Migration astutely and confidently by providing the tools to do so.

Strategy Development

The Best Way To Fight Uncertainty, Is To Plan For It.

Strategy development is one of the most important elements to get right for any organisation aiming for success. It is not simply about setting out what a company does and it does not dictate exactly what a company will be doing in five years’ time.  But it does allow the company to function correctly, for growth to be sustainable and long lasting. The aim of strategy development is to point the organisation in the right direction with strategic landmarks along the way to make sure that there is direction in the organisations journey.

Apart from Strategy Development, the four main areas that we have found that organisations and entrepreneurs are lacking skills, are:

  • Business Communications
  • Reputation Management
  • Project Management skills and
  • Digital skills

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Client Feedback

”We’ve not had enough profit to hire the much needed staff to grow the company which would relieve stress and make more profit. I’m generally skeptical at 1st, but I must give you credit, soon after engaging with you I realised that your business insight is broad and has clearly been gained from hard core experience. What has gotten me excited…”

Basil Fergusson

Owner, Pyrobond Consulting

Thank you for your time and wisdom Richard.…”

Heine Thiart

Owner, BSGV

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