Those who know WHAT they do, tend to work harder. Those who know WHY, tend to work smarter. (Simon Sinek)

The success of your business depends on every one knowing WHY they are doing what they do.

Having a Strategy Plan Workshop is a great way to ensure that everybody knows the answer to WHY.

The success of a Strategy Plan Workshop depends on using a neutral, independent facilitator that will affirm that you get the most out of the time, effort and money spend on the development of a strategy plan.


Here are 6 reasons on why to use a facilitator for you Strategy Plan Workshop:

#1. Time is money

You need to be able to justify the time your key people spend at the Strategy Plan Workshop with exceptional workshop results. A facilitator will unlock the value of time and attain the objectives of the Strategy Plan Workshop.

#2. Preparation

A Strategy Plan Workshop entails meticulous planning. A facilitator will take care of all the detail: Before, During and After the workshop.

#3. Strategy Plan Expertise

Developing a Strategy Plan is what the facilitator does. The facilitator provides insights, examples and thought processes to guide and focus workshop participants on the objective of the Strategy Plan Workshop.

#4. Manage participants

A fundamental skill of a strategy plan facilitator is to manage diverse thoughts and keep participants on track.  A facilitator will warrant inclusive, respectful and productive participation.  

#5. Neutral

A facilitator is neutral. The facilitator aims to stimulate constructive dialogue about the future and objectives of the business and then suggest actions to move on.

#6. Results

After the Strategy Plan Workshop the facilitator provides a report that documents the results of the Strategy Plan Workshop.  All discussions, actions agreed upon and people responsible for action are documented to ensure that the results of the workshop can be acted on.


When attending a RLActive Strategy Plan Workshop we will introduce you to our three step Strategy Development Process that will provide you with:

  • A well formulated strategy plan tailored to your needs;
  • An execution  map for your goals and objectives;
  • A process to monitor you progress.


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