Throughout my corporate career, strategy and strategy execution was part and parcel of the quarterly meetings. Then towards the end of the financial year strategy went out the window and “making the numbers” was the main focus.

I enjoyed the strategy formulation process as it gave me a sense of what is really going on in the business and in the market. However, there was always a gap in the execution part.
Also when things changed or went wrong (as they normally do) there was never a “revisit” of the strategy to change tack to suit the new circumstances.

The question that came to my mind was: “With all the information available on Strategy Formulation and Strategy Execution, WHY is there still such a huge gap between the two?”

Two main reasons came to mind:
1. The people involved in the strategy process are not sufficiently empowered and/or skilled;
2. The tools available to formulate and execute a strategy are not intuitive enough to quickly modify the strategy.

So I decided to start a business that specifically address the two points above. Firstly, I developed a methodology to ensure that the strategy formulation process was as simple as possible. It only takes a few hours, opposed to the normal heavy weekend breakaway. Secondly, I developed an online platform for the strategy toolset so that small businesses could access their strategy, change things on the fly and monitor their progress via an app on their phone.

Integrating the strategy formulation process with an online platform is the perfect way in which I can help small businesses address all their strategy / business / action plans issues in one solution.

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