We spend so much time working IN our businesses that we forget the importance of working ON our businesses. 

The purpose of a Strategy Plan workshop is to take the key people out of the day-to-day operations and focus them on setting a plan for the future of the business.  

A Strategy Plan Workshop –

  1. Identifies the actions that need to be taken in order to reach the business’s goals and objectives.
  2. Creates an opportunity for participants to share ideas and propose solutions that will facilitate the growth of the business.
  3. Creates a shared vision among the participants that can be used to implement the changes needed to grow the business.
  4. Clarify the role of each participant in the bigger picture of the business’s future.
  5. Empower participants with knowledge and skills to execute the strategy plan.

When attending a RLActive Strategy Plan Workshop we will introduce you to our three step Strategy Development Process that will provide you with:

  • A well formulated strategy plan tailored to your needs;
  • An execution  map for your goals and objectives;
  • A process to monitor you progress.

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