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Does Your Business Have A Strategy?

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Ask yourself the following

Structured Business Processes.

Are you experiencing scaling challenges, systems issues or has your target customers changed the way they engage with you?

Do you have the time or skills to relook at your business model and processes?

We love tackling challenges such as these by using our 5-Step Process to unlock solutions for these blockages in your business.

How It’s Achieved

Our 5 – Step Process


  1. We identify what is working and what is not
  2. We review your strategy execution and adjust your tactics where necessary
  3. We look for opportunities to automate processes or parts of processes
  4. We leverage your team and build a roadmap for success
  5. We will roll out your new optimised process and implement feedback loops for further optimisation

All processes are underpinned by technology, in today’s terms that means looking at your data. Data is where you differentiate yourself from your opposition.

We start by looking at how data could improve your business process flow and address the issues using our collective experience, the latest management theory, business intelligence and analytics to address each of the above 5 steps above.

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What We Specialise In

Strategy Development

Digital Transformation

5-Step Process


Problem Solving

Do You Have These ‘Symptoms’?

These are some of the common challenges that we have found that contribute towards blockages in your company.


Overdependance on Individuals

Do you have individuals you rely upon to run a process?

What happens if that person leaves or worse?

Data Quality Issues

Do you have different systems that all require seperate data capture?

So what do you do when there is grammar and formatting mistakes?

You can have the same client on different systems but were registered differently.

A lack of enterprise wide reporting

Do you have a situation where each division head only trusts their system reports?

The descrepancies between these reports leads to bad decisions and conflict in your company.

Client Feedback

”We’ve not had enough profit to hire the much needed staff to grow the company which would relieve stress and make more profit. I’m generally skeptical at 1st, but I must give you credit, soon after engaging with you I realised that your business insight is broad and has clearly been gained from hard core experience. What has gotten me excited…”

Basil Fergusson

Owner, Pyrobond Consulting

Thank you for your time and wisdom Richard.…”

Heine Thiart

Owner, BSGV

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